Just How Great is Our God?

I had someone ask me the one question the Church will always try to prepare you for as a teen/young adult: “How did we become into being?”
At first I thought, “Okay, I got this, I can definitely answer this!” That is, until I actually started to answer the gentleman’s question who happened to be my server at Steak ‘n Shake tonight. Wow, how did we actually come into being?
Well, the gentleman continued to say he was studying science at a nearby university and wanted to know how God and the creation of Life related to science. This was an extremely tough one for me. I began with the example of the big bang theory. We all know about the big bang theory, right? It’s what our high school science teachers consistently tried to shove down our throats and wanted us to believe the big bang was the explanation for everything and its’ existence. Well, I questioned that. The “rocks” and “sediment” that started the big bang, how did those come about? What or who created those particles to cause the big bang to happen? In addition, we all know that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force, and vice-versa: an object at rest will stay at rest until set into motion. So, science seems to have contradicted itself here. What set those particles that “created life” into motion? There has to be some outside force that set those particles into motion, but what outside force did so? There has to be some kind of explanation. Off the top of my head at the time, all I could say was that there is some kind of omnipotent being that set it all into motion. In addition, how in the world did non-living objects get turned into living objects? Magic? That’s a joke. Magic didn’t even “exist” before the creation of humanity. I say this carefully, because God has always had His plan: God knows everything, whether or not humanity is aware of it. I know for one thing: science classes always taught me there was an original being; an “Eve.” Many of us followers are aware of the story of Adam and Eve, so let’s take this as the beginning of humanity. We also know from science that matter cannot be created nor destroyed, known as the law of conservation of matter. So, where did this matter originate? If you really think about it, how in the world was this vast universe created from something so small (the big bang)? If matter can’t be created nor destroyed, how does something so vast create something so humongous and life-sustaining? Furthermore, how did life begin in the first place? Science is completely contradicting itself here, so there’s obviously something that science isn’t explaining. You can’t just say these “facts” of science are true because they’re just true, you need to back it up with evidence. Even when “backed up” with “evidence,” there’s many times when the evidence itself needs more evidence to back itself up, too. Right now, I’m stumped. I can’t even explain to myself how life was formed. This is difficult. I need more help.
This is when a big light went off in my head. I remembered when my absolute favorite Sunday School/Small Group leader showed me a specific video that explained it all: Louie Giglio’s sermon titled How Great Is Our God. Of all teachings I’ve heard thus far, Louie’s sermon is the one thing I will always remember, as it is what first triggered me to question everything I’ve been taught in school, as Louie had significant evidence backing up his facts, not theories, on life and its’ complete existence today. As an added bonus, he even used SCIENCE to back up his teaching! That is, science that presented cold, hard facts based on pure evidence.
Still to this moment, I still feel I need to research this topic more, as I personally do not fully know how life came into existence, besides the stories told by God in the Book of Genesis: “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth…”
I will certainly take some time over the coming weeks (or even months.. I’m a college student that stays occupied with classes and work) to find an answer to this question. Now, I may not come up with a solid answer, as everything is constantly changing around us, causing answers to questions like these to constantly change. This makes me question if God wants us to know the entire story pertaining to the creation of humanity, or if He wants us to know after our duty on Earth is done. I really don’t know if I am going to be honest. This is a tough one. Just a simple question has me stumped. It has me questioning so many things I’ve been taught throughout life. I really want to know the answer to this. I feel that it’s going to have me scratching my head for quite a while, if not the rest of my life on Earth. If you have an idea of where to start with research on this question, or if you personally have an answer to this backed by cold, hard facts and evidence, drop a comment! Anything you have will greatly help! I really want to have a better answer to this in the event I get asked this question again.

Here’s a look at Louie’s Sermon on How Great is Our God over on YouTube. Take my word for it – the entire 40-minute video is really worth it, whether or not you’re a Believer.

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